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The design must be the most critical aspect of YOKOHAMA wheels. Pride in light weight and high strength means nothing without outstanding design. But with wheels, everything cannot be sacrificed for the sake of design. First of all, the wheel and tire must clear the fender arch of the car which it is mounted on, and the wheel must provide sufficient clearance for the brake calipers as well. Every inch calls for dynamism to the nth degree. Renderings that fail to reflect the final design are useless. At YOKOHAMA, we start the design process with CAD drawings. We move from CAD drawings to 3D computer graphics to a full-size mock-up. Every detail is scrutinized and every measurement verified until the design is finalized. After that, it is our development policy not to adulterate the design as it is made into a product. Why? Because that allows you to put your hands on exactly the wheel we designed, with all its cool personality

A wheel must pass a set of standard test (JWL) for strength before it is introduced to the market. With new designs, we use 3D computer graphics and computer analysis to determine if the strength meets the relevant standards. Aggressive designs or ones that aim specifically at lighter weight especially must clear this computer analysis step before they are ever created in metal. With the computer analysis as an important tool, we achieve both light weight and strength that meets our standards, without spoiling the leading-edge quality of our designs.

Among the YOKOHAMA Wheel brands, ADVAN Racing is best- known as a high-performance brand. Because of its characteristics, ADVAN Racing wheels continually challenge motor sports in many fields and events. For example, WTCC and PWRC are FIA world championship series. We provide ADVAN Racing RS wheels to Italy's Scuderia Pro Team (WTCC-BMW320Si) and ADVAN Racing RC III wheels to Japanís TUSK Engineering (PWRC-LANCER EVOX). YOKOHAMA Wheel has one policy in meeting the challenge of motor sports-to provide wheels that feature the same design and finish as normal street wheels. Of course, we listen to feedback from the teams and work to make improvements they need; the know-how we gain from that effort goes directly into the next generation of wheels. In other words, meeting the challenge of motor sports contributes directly to the quality and performance of our wheels. This is a policy that YOKOHAMA Wheel will never change, now or in the future.

Yokohama AVS Model F15 wheels from

AVS Model F15

Yokohama AVS Model F7 wheels from Upgrade Motoring

AVS Model F7

Yokohama AVS Model T5 wheels from Upgrade Motoring

AVS Model T5

Yokohama Advan Racing GT Machining and Hyper Black wheels from

Advan Racing GT

Yokohama Advan Racing RCIII wheels from

Advan Racing RCIII

Yokohama Kreutzer Series XIIi wheels from

Kreutzer Series XIIi

Yokohama Advan Racing TCIII wheels from

Advan Racing TCIII

Yokohama Advan Racing RT Racing White wheels from

Advan Racing RT

Yokohama Advan Racing RZ wheels from Upgrade Motoring

Advan Racing RZ

Advan Racing RZ-DF

Yokohama Advan Racing RSII Racing Hyper Black wheels from

Advan Racing RSII

Yokohama Advan Racing RD-D wheels from

Advan Racing RS-D

Yokohama Advan Racing RG-D Gold wheels from

Advan Racing RG-D

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