FIC Wheel Spacers - Hub Centric and Studded Spacers on Sale from

FIC Wheel Spacers - Hub Centric and Studded Spacers on Sale from

FIC Racing 5mm Hub Cnetric Wheel Spacers. Fits 73mm ID Bore wheels. On Sale at Upgrade Motoring!

Studded Hub Centric Spacers 5mm Hub Centric Spacers

FIC Wheel Spacers - Hub Centric Studded Wheel Spacers - 5mm Hub Centric 4/5 Hole 100-114.3 Spacers - Sold in Pairs - Made in Japan

The FIC Wheel Spacers include lug studs in spacers and special lug nuts to secure FIC spacer to vehicle hub. FIC spacers are hub centric to reduce vibrations. FIC Wheel Spacers are sold in pairs. Depending on length of stock wheel studs, use of spacers may require relief pockets on back pad of wheel or shortening of stock wheel studs. 5mm Hub Centric wheels spacers fit 54, 56, 60, 64, 66, 67mm O.D. hub bore vehicles. 5mm HC spacers are $68.00/pair. Please contact us for vehicle hub sizes (example, Nissan = 66 Hub Size).  

FIC Spacer Part Number Hole/PCD Hub Size Thread Pitch Thickness Sale Price/Pair
WP4010-54T 4x100 φ54 12x1.5 10mm $185.00
WP4015-54T 15mm $185.00
WP4020-54T 20mm $185.00
WP4025-54T 25mm $185.00
WP4010-54N 4x100 φ54 12x1.25 10mm $185.00
WP4015-54N 15mm $185.00
WP4020-54N 20mm $185.00
WP4025-54N 25mm $185.00
WP4010-56T 4x100 φ56 12x1.5 10mm $185.00
WP4015-56T 15mm $185.00
WP4020-56T 20mm $185.00
WP4025-56T 25mm $185.00
WP4010-60N 4x100 φ60 12x1.25 10mm $185.00
WP4015-60N 15mm $185.00
WP4020-60N 20mm $185.00
WP4025-60N 25mm $185.00
WP5010-56N 5x100 φ56 12x1.25 10mm $185.00
WP5015-56N 15mm $185.00
WP5020-56N 20mm $185.00
WP5010-54T 5x100 φ54 12x1.5 10mm $185.00
WP5015-54T 15mm $185.00
WP5020-54T 20mm $185.00
WP5110-60T 5x114.3 φ60 12x1.5 10mm $185.00
WP5115-60T 15mm $185.00
WP5120-60T 20mm $185.00
WP5125-60T 25mm $185.00
WP5110-64T 5x114.3 φ64 12x1.5 10mm $185.00
WP5115-64T 15mm $185.00
WP5120-64T 20mm $185.00
WP5125-64T 25mm $185.00
WP5110-66N 5x114.3 φ66 12x1.25 10mm $185.00
WP5115-66N 15mm $185.00
WP5120-66N 20mm $185.00
WP5125-66N 25mm $185.00
WP5110-67T 5x114.3 φ67 12x1.5 10mm $185.00
WP5115-67T 15mm $185.00
WP5120-67T 20mm $185.00
WP5125-67T 25mm $185.00

FIC Wheel Spacers - Hub Centric and Studded Spacers on Sale from

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