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Volk Racing F-Zero Daytona Speed

Also available in Sliver Face with Blue background.

This Wheel is Discontinued. Limited Single Wheel Stock Available. No Sets Available.

Please click the Volk Racing logo for a listing of Current Volk Racing Wheels.

Size Offset Hole


List Price Each

17 x 7.0JJ+29, +35, +42, +504/5100/114.3$610.00
17 x 8.0JJ+33, +35, +424/5100/114.3$630.00
17 x 9.0JJ+18, +38, +464/5100/114.3$650.00
18 x 7.5JJ+38, +484/5100/114.3$690.00
18 x 8.0JJ+32, +454/5100/114.3$700.00
18 x 9.0JJ+15, +38, +43, +454/5100/114.3$710.00
18 x 10.0JJ+415114.3$730.00

Silver finish, special colors available for $30 extra per wheel

Yellow highlighted offsets still available in our Single Wheels Clearance Section.

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