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Thirty years ago the thought of racing with synthetic lubricants was given very little consideration, due primarily to the fact that petroleum based oils were providing adequate protection for the technology and speeds of the era.

Today, the demand for better lubrication in the high-performance racing industry, is as severe as the 200 miles per hour speeds a given race car travels around the race track. Advanced technology has led to the need for lubricants to provide better than adequate protection and to have the ability to substantially reduce heat and friction, thus dramatically increasing the life of parts and components.

The full line of NEOs 100 % Synthetic Racing Oils and Greases are a chemistry blend of lubricants, designed to have the exceptional capability to target and provide unmatched lubricating to a specific area or application in need of severe protection. This consequently supplies general high performance lubricating needs, with protection way beyond the limits of what is necessary.

"Advantage" is what all race teams continuously search for and word spread fast that NEO Racing Lubricants were enabling several race teams, including a large number of Formula 1 teams in Europe, the opportunity to overcome some genuine problems they were experiencing. The Formula 1 program was the springboard back in 1985, when Team Benetton approached NEO with a severe constant velocity joint problem, where they reported the recurring annoyance of not being able to finish races due to failing C.V. joints. NEO Lubricants not only cured the problem but extended the life of the C.V. joints by 500 % and enabled Team Benetton to go on and win the 1986 Mexican Grand Prix. Soon after, March Engineering (The world's largest race car manufacturer and supplier of Indy Car gearboxes) heard about NEO and after extensive testing, gave NEO Lubricants the exclusive recommendation as the only lubrication to run.

Currently, NEO Racing Lubricants are used by the top NASCAR, and NHRA teams as well as SCCA and PSR competitors. Interest continues to grow because of NEOs successful track record and innovative developments like "0" weight lubricants, where the following examples reveal that results have surpassed all expectations. A Professional Drag Race Team went from replacing ring and pinion gears several times over a season to running the same set of gears for two complete seasons. Simon Kane, the Australian Formula I Champion also highly benefited, where he reported that out of the eight race series for the 1998 season, he started from the front row all eight times, from the pole position six times and finished in the top three every race. And in past year's Le Mans 24 Hours, 80% of the field was using NEO products.

NEO Synthetic Racing Lubricant are more than just lubrication, they now provide that extra edge and will be the superior advantage of the next century, with a development technology second to none.  

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