"Super DOT 610" Brake Fluid

Recommended for ABS Brake Systems

High Temperature Racing Quality

Super Dot 610

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Product Description

NEO "Super DOT 610" high temperature brake fluid is designed for use in ABS brake systems and to take the punishment of the race course as well as stop-and-go commuter traffic. It outperforms any other non-silicone brake fluid on the market today.

NEO "Super DOT 610" brake fluid is designed with a wet boiling point of 421F and dry boiling point of 610F. These specifications are well above those in the Department of Transportation specifications DOT 3 & 4. Wet boiling point is the boiling point with a specified amount of absorbed moisture; dry boiling point is after the initial moisture boil-off. Further, the low vapor rate of NEO "Super DOT 610" reduces the possibility of vapor lock in the braking system.

 Technical Description

DOT 3 & 4 are the commonly used specifications for automotive brake fluid; DOT 3 is generally required for disc brakes. DOT 3 was previously identified as SAE 7OR2 and more recently as SAE J1703. DOT 4 is also identified as SAE J1704. DOT 5 brake fluid is generally a silicone product and is not recommended unless the system is specifically designed for it. DOT 3 & 4 fluids are identified by their clear to amber color: DOT 5 is colored purple.

While NEO "Super DOT 610" brake fluid far exceeds the boiling point requirements for DOT 3, 4 & 5 fluids, it does not contain any silicones.

Changing to NEO Brake Fluid

NEO "Super DOT 610" brake fluid may be used in ABS brake systems that require DOT 3 and it is compatible with all other brands of DOT 3 & 4 quality products. NEO "Super DOT 610" may be added to the system  or may replace the existing brake fluid at any time; it is not necessary to flush the system before switching to NEO. Do not use NEO brake fluid in a system requiring a hydraulic oil.

In the event any fluid is drained from all or part of the vehicle braking system for repairs, take that opportunity to replace it with NEO "Super DOT 610". Never reuse any fluid that has been drained or bled from the system. Be aware that many modern braking systems require pressure bleeding when replacing a component. 

A large quantity of the previous fluid remaining in the system will dilute the qualities of NEO "Super DOT 610". In a racing machine, in order to achieve the expected performance, the previous brake fluid should be drained as completely as possibly before refilling with NEO "Super DOT 610". NEO recommends that the brake system should be bled immediately before each racing event, particularly in wet or humid conditions.


NEO "Super DOT 610" brake fluid will absorb moisture from the air just like other DOT 3 & 4 products. Keep the container tightly closed and keep the brake master cylinder covered or closed as much as possible. Do not open the cover of the brake master cylinder if water can drip into it, such as from a wet hood. Store unused brake fluid in its original container only; do not use any brake fluid that has been stored without being tightly closed.

Contamination of the brake fluid with any mineral oil products must be avoided. Clean off the master cylinder cover area before opening it. When checking the fluid level, a very low level usually means there is a leak in the system that should be repaired.

Specifications *

NEO Heavy Duty Brake Fluid meets and exceeds requirements for Department of Transportation DOT 3 & 4. Suitable for use in all vehicles. The following specifications are to the FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) 116 for DOT 4 brake fluids.

Specification Value
Wet Boiling point 421F (216C)
Dry Boiling Point 610F (347C)
Low Temperature Fluidity @ -40C & -50C Pass
Compatibility W/Rubber Components Pass
Corrosiveness Pass
Resistance to Oxidation Pass
Density @ 68F 8.91 Pounds/Gallon

* Subject to normal operating tolerances

Comparison to Other Brands

Specification DOT 4 NEO AP600 Cartel Ferodo Motul Seiken
Wet Boiling Point 155C min 216C N/A N/A N/A 148C 160C
Dry Boiling Point 230C min 347C 300C 299C 290C 300C 260C
Viscosity cST @ -40C 1800 max 1525 N/A N/A N/A 1240 1270
Viscosity @ 100C 1.5 min 2.5 N/A N/A N/A N/A 2.4

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