JUN RACING Hyper Flo Intake Pleniums from Upgrade Motoring


Due to the drop in value of the US Dollar against the Japanese Yen, there will be a temporary surcharge added to the price on JUN Auto parts. Please call for current adjusted pricing.

Part No.


Base Price
2015M-H001 HONDA B16A/B18C$2640.00
2015M-M001 MITSUBISHI 4G63 $2640.00
2015M-N001 NISSAN SR20DET (R) PS13 INJECTOR 10.5MM $2950.00
2015M-N002 NISSAN SR20DET S14 $2950.00
2015M-N003 NISSAN SR20DET (R) PS13 INJECTOR 10.8MM $2950.00
2015M-N004 NISSAN SR20DET (R) PS13 INJECTOR 11.0MM $2950.00
2015M-N005 NISSAN RB26DETT $2750.00
2015M-T001 TOYOTA 3S-GTE $2640.00
2015M-T002 TOYOTA 2JZ-GTE $2750.00

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