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Due to the drop in value of the US Dollar against the Japanese Yen, there will be a temporary surcharge added to the price on JUN Auto parts. Please call for current adjusted pricing.

Part No.


Base Price
1029M-F001 SUBARU EJ20 2.2L (CRANK/PISTONS/RODS) 92.5 x 79.0 $5,400.00
1029M-F002 SUBARU EJ25 (for Turbo) 2.5L$6,000.00
1029M-H001 HONDA B16A 1.8L (CRANK/PISTONS/RODS) 82.0 x 87.2 $3,600.00
1029M-H002 HONDA B18B/B18C 2.0L $6,000.00
1029M-M001 MITSUBISHI 4G63 2.2L (CRANK/PISTONS/RODS)6,500.00
1029M-N002 NISSAN SR20DET 2.2L (CRANK/PISTONS) 87.0 x 92.0 - Custom Kit$4,500.00
1029M-N003 NISSAN RB26DETT 2.7L (CRANK/PISTONS) 87.0 x 75.7 - Custom Kit $6,000.00
1029M-N004 NISSAN SR20DET 2.2L (CRANK/PISTONS/RODS) (8 counter) $6,000.00
1029M-N005 NISSAN RB26DETT 2.7L$7,680.00
1029M-N007 NISSAN VG30DETT 3.2L $12,000.00
1029M-N008 NISSAN VQ35DE 3.8L (for Turbo) $12,000.00
1029M-T001 TOYOTA 3S-GTE 2.2L (CRANK/PISTONS) Forged Crankshaft - Custom Kit  $3,500.00
1029M-T002 TOYOTA 2JZ-GTE 3.2L (CRANK/RODS/PISTONS)$10,000.00
1029M-T003 TOYOTA 3S-GTE 2.2L  (CRANK/RODS/PISTONS) $6,000.00
1029M-T004 TOYOTA 3S-GTE 2.2L - Custom Kit (CRANK/PISTONS) $4,800.00

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