JUN Skyline GT-R

1996 Nissan Skyline GT-R World Record Holder F/BGCC World Record Holder

F=2 to 3 liter motor B=Blown (Supercharger or Turbo) G=Gas C=Competition C=Coupe


Two way average World speed record 233.217 mph (Previous record 219 mph)

Fastest speed pass was 238.481 mph

JUN designed and built inline 2.7 Liter dual overhead camshaft motor (RB26DETT)

87mm bore x 75.7mm stroke

1100 horsepower

675 foot pounds of torque

8.33-1 compression ratio

Shift points at 9500 rpm, Max rpm 10,000

JUN Skyline GT-R weighs 3200 pounds

JUN chromoly forged crankshaft (75.7 mm)

JUN chromoly forged connecting rod (Std length)

JUN designed and Cosworth manufactured forged aluminum pistons (87mm)

JUN chromoly lightweight racing flywheel

JUN camshaft, camsprocket, retainers, valves, valves springs, injectors and fuel rail

Twin turbo charged (Trust designed/Mitsubishi turbo) max boost 37 pounds

Trust Wastegate Type C Hi-Flo

Stock EVC increased by JUN computer chip

JUN Intake manifold

JUN Custom exhaust

Standard Transmission

Differential ratio 2.65 or 2.45 depending on condition

Ohlins suspension (fully adjustable/coil over)


JUN's Accomplishments in Motorsports


- The Option Magazine Fastest Speed Anniversary Tournament. JUN Z32 has

  made a new Japan speed record of 339.62 km/h at the 42nd Bonneville Speed Trails.


- At the 43rd Bonneville Speed Trails, BLITZ / JUN Z32 has made a new world record of

  419.19 km/h in the E/BMS Class.


- AP Magazine Fastest Speed Anniversary Tournament. JUN Skyline GT-R (BNR32)

  Has made a new Japan Speed Record at Yatabe Test Course of 332.67 km/h.


- Dirt Trials at El Mirage Dry Lake in the U.S. JUN Skyline GT-R (BNR32) has made a new

  world record of 313.32km/h in the E/BGCC Class.


- Option & Option 2 Magazines Sunday Time Attack Project Support. JUN Toyota

  AE86 and JUN Skyline GT-R (BNR32) both made good records.


- Japan GT Racing. As the first entry, JUN made a good record with the GT-R.


- "#1 in the World" Silvia Trials. Grand Prix Silvia tuned by Jun received 1st place. This

  Silver Silvia has made many new course records in Japan.


- The 49th Bonneville Speed Trials. JUN Hyper Lemon R33 made a new world record

  of 383.715km/h in the F/BGCC Class.

- Battle of the Imports Drag Race. JUN Hyper Lemon R33 Drag Race Spec. made a good record of 10.266 seconds.


- In August, JUN Hyper Lemon Silvia USA made an impressive 8.887 seconds in the quarter mile!

- JUN is challenging the limits of stock car chassis for racing.


- In August JUN returns to Bonneville Speed Trials. JUN AKIRA SUPRA recorded top speed and exceeded 400km/h of the first target. Top speed was 249.292mph(401.20km/h, average speed was 240.192mph:386.55km/h).