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Wheel and Tire packages available. Please Call for Details. Wheel Sale Prices Subject to Availability.

Volk Racing CE28N - 17x7.5  5x114.3 +50 Titanium Silver Wheels. Forged Monoblock wheels. Fits Honda, Acura, Mazda and more! List Price $3,172.00/set. Picture not actual wheel.  Sold Out! Volk Racing CE28N Titanium Silver wheels from UpgradeMotoring.com
G-Games 77W VAIO 19x9.0  5x100/114.3 +42 Gun Metal. Regular Price $760.00

Only Single wheels available.

Sold Out! G-Games 77W Vaio wheels from UpgradeMotoring.com
Black Fleet 320 Satsuma 20x8.5 +15 and 20x10.5 +20 Chrome. 5x120 72.56 center bore Wheels. Fits BMW M3 and More! Exc. E39. Black Fleet wheels are made by Rays Engineering in Japan. 2 Piece Reverse Wheels with a Stainless Steel Lip Jacket. Used for Display. Regular Price Over $6,000.00! Call $2,495.00/set Black Fleet 320 Satsuma 20 inch Chrome wheels from UpgradeMotoring.com
Volk Racing AV3 17x8.0 +35 (2) and 17x9.0 +37 (2) 4x114.3 Silver Wheels. Used. Forged Two Piece Wheels. No AV3 caps. Sold as set only. Newly polished lips. Special AV3 Shanked Tuner lugs available separately.  Call $1,595.00/set Volk Racing AV3 17x8.0 +35 and 17x9.0 +37 4x114.3 wheels for Sale
Volk Racing AV3 17x7.0 4x114.3 +44 Silver. Used. Forged Two Piece Wheels. No AV3 caps. Special AV3 Shanked Tuner lugs available separately. Call $1,495.00/set  
Sebring ITC-X 18x9.5 5x114.3 +45 Silver. ITC-X center caps/lug cover included. Regular Price $490.00 each. Made By Rays Engineering in Japan. Sold Out!  Sebring ITC-X wheels from Upgrade Motoring.com
Lexion 307 22x10 6x139.7 Diamond Cut Finish Wheels. Also known as the A/X Griffony in Japan. Made by Rays Engineering. Very Rare wheel, Used for Display. Regular price is over $8,000.00/set. Call $3,995.00/set Lexion 307 22x10 6x139 Diamond Cut wheels from UpgradeMotoring.com
Piaa Super Mesh Forged 1pc Wheels. 19x8.5 +42(2) and 19x9.5 +45(2) - 5x114.3 Hyper Titanium Finish Wheels. Made in Japan. Lightweight - Approximately 21-22 lbs each! Fits Nissan, Infiniti, Lexus, Toyota, Mazda, Mitsubishi and More! Regular Price $3,056.00/set. Sold Out!
Piaa Super Mesh Forged 1pc wheels from UpgradeMotoring.com
Piaa Super Rozza 19x7.5 +42(2) and 19x8.0 +45(2) 5x114.3 Hyper Black Wheels. Fits Honda S2000, Lexus IS300, Mazda RX8 and more! Regular Price $2,516.00/set.  Sold Out! Piaa Super Rozza Hyper Black 2 pc wheel
Piaa Super Rozza 19x8.0 5x100 +30 Hyper Black Wheels. Lip size 65mm! Fits Scion, Subaru, Toyota, Audi and VW. Regular Price of Rims $2,556.00/set. Sold Out! Piaa Super Rozza Hyper Black 2 pc wheel
Piaa Super Rozza wheels on Sale! 20x9.0 and 20x10.0 - 5x114.3 +25 Super Black Coat Wheels. Front Lip Size 77mm, Rear Lip Size 115mm! List Price $3,936.00. SBC. Fits 350Z, G35 cpe and More!  Pictured in Hyper Black. Sold Out! Piaa Super Rozza Hyper Black 2 pc wheel
Piaa Super Rozza wheels on Sale! 20x8.5 +15 and 20x10.0 +25 - 5x120 Hyper Black. Front Lip Size 109mm, Rear Lip Size 115mm!  List Price $3,596.00. Fits BMW 5 Series, 6 Series, 7 Series.  Sold Out! Piaa Super Rozza Hyper Black 2 pc wheel
Piaa Super Mesh - Two Piece Construction. 20x8.5 5x120 +15 (x2), 20x10.0 5x120 +25 (x2). Hyper Titanium Finish Wheels. Sold as a Set our Four Only. Regular Price from $689.00 to $749.00 Each. BUY NOW!  

20 inch $1,495.96/set

Piaa Super Mesh 2 piece wheels from UpgradeMotoring.com
Lowenhart LD1 21x9.0 wheels chrome 5x120 +38 Wheels Special Ordered to fit BMW X5, Range Rover 97+, Land Rover 97+, BMW  7 series 03+ and more. Display. Regular Price over $7,800.00! BUY NOW! $2,495.00/set

 Lowenhart LD1 Chrome 21x9.0 on sale from Upgrade Motoring

WRD F5 - 15 x 6.5, 4 x 100 +42 Chrome center with polished lip Wheels. 3pc wheel. Forged. Center cap - no logo. Very light and strong.  Sold Out!

WRD F5 3pc Chrome 15x6.0 4x100 wheels from UpgradeMotoring.com

WRD F5 - 15 x 6.5, 4 x 114.3 +42 Silver Wheels. 3pc wheel. Forged. Very light and strong. Sold Out!

WRD F5 3pc silver wheels from UpgradeMotoring.com

DP Motorsports - Euro 15x6.5 +30 4x114.3 Chrome Wheels. Your choice of White center caps or Chrome center cap/plates not shown in picture). BUY NOW! fr$400.00/set

DP Euro Chrome wheels from UpgradeMotoring.com

WRD Limited Fin - Made in Japan. Black center with polished lip. 3pc wheel. Very light and strong! Dual Drilled. 

  16 x 7.0, +35 off, 5 x 114.3/ 5x4.75 (5x120.65)
  16 x 8.0, +35 off, 5 x 114.3/ 5x4.75 (5x120.65)

Will Fit 240SX 5 lug, 86 1/2 - 91 Supra, RX-7 FC 86-91, Toyota Pick up's and more.   

Sold Out!

WRD Limited Fin 3pc black 16x7.0 and 16x8.0 available at UpgradeMotoring.com

Hayashi Racing 504 Mesh - 16x7.0 4x114.3 +22 Gold Wheels. Barely Used. Original version (shallow mesh lug cover). Excellent Condition. No curb rashes. Includes Hayashi Racing center caps, lug covers. Call $1,995.95/set Hayashi Racing 504 wheels from UpgradeMotoring.com
Epsilon Wheels- Chrome center and lip with Black mesh insert. With lug cover and cap. Newer Epsilon version. Used. 15 inch 4x100. Call  $1,200.00/set Epsilon Centerlock 15inch chrome wheels from UpgradeMotoring.com
Enkei Compe 8 - 13x5.5 4x108 +38 Wheels. Used. No Center caps. BUY NOW! $500.00/set

Enkei Banana Spoke 13x5.5 +38 4x108 wheels from Upgrade Motoring

Shine Street - 18 inch 5x5 / 5x127. Silver Wheels. Momo Arrow style. Fits Astro/Safari Van. Used.  Call $800.00/set Shine Street - Momo Arrow Replica - 18 inch - 5x127 - On Sale at Upgrade Motoring!
Toyo T1R 245x30x20 and 285x30x20 tires. Used for Display. Used Less than 100 miles. Sold  
Bridgestone RE050A 215x45x18. NOS  Sold  
Dunlop SP9000 215x45x17 NOS Sold  

Current and Discontinued Single Wheels  /  Discontinued Wheel Parts and Accessories 

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