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Seats and Accessories

Corbeau GTS II Black Cloth. Passenger side. Display. List Price $349.00 each $280.00

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Corbeau GT-7 Black cloth. Passenger side. Display. Regular Sale Price $389.00 $295.00

Corbeau - Sport Seat Black Cloth/Black Vinyl Passenger side. Display. Regular Sale Price $305.00 $225.00
Seat Brackets below are for aftermarket seats.
Miata - Bride seat brackets  Call  
Porsche 911/912 65-7/73 Driver and Passenger side seat brackets.  $249.95/pair C22014 (C)
Porsche 911/912 65-73 (with platform) $125.00 350 1(R) 1(RC)
Buick Skylark/Cavalier 77-80 Driver side seat bracket. $125.00 202 (R)
Passat 90-97 Driver and Passenger side seat brackets. $249.95/pair D1064T, D1065T (C, R)
240SX 89-96 Passenger side Seat Brackets $125.00 D961F (C)
WRX 01-05 Passenger side seat bracket $125.00 E2039T (C)
RX-7 86-91 Passenger side seat bracket $125.00 C22039R (C)
Corolla GTS 85-87 Passenger side seat bracket Sold! D803T (C)
Corolla GTS 85-87 Driver side seat bracket Sold! 802 (R)
280Z 77-78 Driver or Passenger seat brackets. $249.95/pair 214 (R)
Chevrolet Pickup XT Cab 95-97 Driver and passenger side seat brackets $249.9.5/pair D994T, D995T (C)
Civic 96-00 All - Driver side seat bracket $125 1126 (C, R)
Civic 90-91 3dr Driver and Passenger seat brackets Sold Out! D990T (C), D991T (R, C)
Civic 93-95 ALL Passenger side seat bracket $125.00 D1047T (C)
CRX 89-91 Driver side seat bracket $125.00 966 (Rf)
CRX 88 Sparco Passenger side seat bracket. List Price $110.00 $125.00 400SB039R (S)
Mustang GT 08/04-05 Driver and Passenger seat brackets $249.95/pair 2088, 2089 (R)
Mustang w/Power - Driver and Passenger side seat brackets. $249.95/pair C1120
Mazda Protege 00+ Driver side seat bracket $125.00 E2044T (C)
3000GT/Stealth 91+ Passenger side seat brackets. $125.00 997 (R)
International Scout Driver and Passenger Seat brackets.  $249.95/pair E290T, E291T (C)
Cherokee/Pioneer (power) 84-94 Driver and Passenger side seat brackets.  $249.95/pair D752NS (C)
Momo Steel Side Mounts. R1125 Black Regular Price $100.00 Sold Out!

Momo Steel Side Mounts from

Momo SA700 Adapter. Adapts Recaro bracket to Momo Bottom Mount Seats.  $95.00 SA700

All Sales Final on Clearance/Discontinued items.

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